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Kramer's  Auction
23460 467th ave
Colman ,S.D. 57017
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Cindy 605-530-4973 or email

In business since 1969 in Sioux Falls;
New by Colman SD since 2015

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 We're easy to find- take Hwy 34--3 miles west of Colman- turn North on 467th Ave(1/2 mile), we are 1st place. GPS will not get you to the right place;

Sale-June 3rd




 11:00 New tack; 1:00 Hay followed by outside farm related misc. ; 2:00 poultry,& rabbits followed by livestock( pigs, goats, sheep, calves, ect.)  used tack and horses.


Kramers Auction,llc



It starting to look like our unique salebarn. It's hard to explain all the emotions that roll threw me everyday as I go outside and see the progress. The steel will be delivered either Fri.(dec.18th) or Monday (Dec.21). The water line is coming along nicely. soon we will be able to get inside and get our kitchen done.
We are all excited to get up and going. We are going to try a TENTITIVE sale date in Feb. which will be with tack, hay, straw and farm related misc. along with poultry and rabbits. Sorry no livestock until we have pens built. So with that said. It may still be cold, but we will be out of the wind and will be able to have a auction

 Thank you for all the support and patience and we are excited to see everyone soon.
Outside Auction Nov. 7th New tack ,used tack, hay farm related Misc. rabbits & poultry. No livestock until barn is built is what i'm told by my state vet. So we will sell what we can and keep moving forward.
location- 3 miles west  of Colman SD  on hwy 34 and 1/2 mile north on 46.  7th ave
I have a meeting with the county commissioners on Sept 22nd. will post and let you know how everything went and how soon we can be and running.
My meeting yesterday ,Aug. 27th,with the states attorney and planning and zoning was another learning experience for all of us. Not exactly how I'd like it to go. But I also have to remind my self that this is all new to Moody county. I am seeing things from the experience and background of our unique salebarn and they are seeing the paperwork and rules and regulations they have for the county fitting me into a category that to them looks like where I should fit into. This reminds me... of back into 2009 when we switched state vets. He was seeing things from the angle of his job position, and of course I was seeing things from our unique salebarn. We are like no other. So threw the years and all the trials, I can say we have the best working relationship.(lol from what I've been told, he didn't think we would ever get alone). We are so unique and so different for a salebarn. We cater towards your small acreage people. That with one stop, you can get whatever kind of animal and misc. you like. We are also so proud of the family like setting that is so important to us. We hope if you come for the first time as a stranger, that you come back the next time as a friend. EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY AT KRAMAERS.
We're getting there, it just all takes time and getting to understand each others reasoning

I'd like to start out by thanking each and every one of you that was there with us or thinking of us yesterday morning. The salebarn sold for $201,000.00 to Law Motors.. We pushed it about as far as we should of. So with that said. We are very proud to announce that we will be carrying on Mom and Dads Legacy. Only we will be up west of Colman a few miles. ( 35 miles straight North of the salebarn). As I was driving home last night( after going to watch my daughter barrel ra...ce by Larchwood IA.) I was able to have some quiet time to reflex on all of yesterday's happenings and to which direction we are now heading. My thoughts of not being able to buy the sale barn property- That was a dream of Dads and Moms- which has filtered down the generations as we grew to love the business and the customers. The dream is still there, Only now this is our dream and this dream is going to be in a new location that we have room to grow and expand as we need to. We will have a building that will be much warmer in the winter, plenty of parking, plenty of room to ride them horses to show them off. a better set up for our poultry, we'll have hanging gates, the café will have a nice set up, office- well ????. We are open to any suggestions, comments- good or bad. We do have a sale August 1st. 
This Morning was a meeting with the county commissioners in moody county about a conditional use permit to built our salebarn. The meeting was open to the public/ neighbors to address there concerns. I did have 4 neighbors there. 2 were just concerned about there land/ property because they are avid hunters and that is what they use there land for. the other 2. Well lets just say, we can call the kettle black. because the one that was concerned about livestock getting out, a...nd diseases, while his is always out on the roads in his summer pasture and he is also the one that shot my pig for going up to his place instead of being a neighbor and calling me to tell me my pig was coming to his place, and than dumping her down the road in the bull ditch. The other one, WELL, the only thing she could come up with was the nuisance violation that is at the salebarn. When I reminded her that her motor home was also part of the violation and also that all dads stuff sitting around there that we are not allowed to move or sale is also part of the violation. Her only comeback was the motor home was licensed. which in Minnehaha county, it has to be runnable, which a lot of us know that it wasn't because of the blown motor. And if it were runnable, how come the cameras have it recorded being hooked on to and pulled out of there by a gray/ silver pickup. And the only other thing they could come up with is there might be diseases floating down the bull ditch on there property.
The Highway maintenance guy was also there. His input/ concern was the extra maintenance/ grading that may need to be done.
I go back in to meet with the county commissioners on Aug. 4th. it will not be open to public. I will find out than what my restrictions/ conditions that I will have to follow. We have talked about a good fence- chain linked around the outside to keep any animals that possibly but hopefully never exscapes. about putting in another driveway just north of mine. I do have my building permit so we can start ground work.
So all in all, I would say it went really well. Aug. 4th I will have more answers. I do know that if we are going to have this salebarn up and running by Sept.15th, we will need as much volunteer help as possibly in all areas of getting this up and going. So with that said, Please let Myself, Ashley or Nick know.

Met with the Moody County Commissioners Yesterday. Aug. 4th(Sorry I run a pretty wild schedule, I know every one is waiting to hear how it went.) We have one more meeting Sept. 1st ( if I can get everything Submitted in time,) I have to fill out a application for a Conditional use Permit for a Class D Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. This type of operation, meaning a salebarn is new to Moody County and we are all learning as we move forward to what all steps need to be taken. s...o hopefully we will have all paperwork covered and get the 100% go ahead Sept. 1.
Thank you all for being so patient with us.
Ok so from what I am told and understand at this time, we will not be able to do household auctions like I wanted to, because of the Land being zoned AG. only AG related. I will keep checking on what other options we will have.
I will keep you updated on our progress, Cindy K

And Thank you in advance. You are all so wonderful.

AUCTIONEERS: Chad, Larry, Dale, Nate
cafe on site.


         Pigs/    Goats / Sheep /calves/cows/ Horses/donkeys/mules